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Made in the USA, CreateOn has proudly partnered with beloved Magna-Tiles® to bring you endless inspiration and hands-on fun, learning, self-expression, and creativity. From our Magna-Tiles® Structures Playsets, which provide hours of screen-free entertainment and education for kids, to our MyMagnatiles® custom photo tiles, our products are an innovative approach to learning and storytelling.


At CreateOn, we are more than the sum of our parts. We are tinkerers and fun lovers. We’re dreamers with a passion for possibilities and a love of exploration. It’s our belief that with a small spark, and a little imagination, anything is imaginable. Especially when you have the right tools.


How will you reimagine the possibilities?




Whether you’re counting with Elmo or recounting your memories, our sets are durable, practical, and made to last.



At CreateOn, we are dedicated to better and smarter products, which means that we’re continually developing exciting new ways for children to learn and stay engaged.



We believe in a world of endless possibilities, and we want to share that world with you through our products. We’re committed to creating products that continually inspire and excite.

More reasons to love our sets
Develops STEM skills
Based in the USA
Award winning
Hands-on learning